The Santa Margherita 30x40 - 5pz 3,2kg

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Thin focaccia stuffed with stracchino cheese.

Also available in the format 60x40 - 5pz 8,2kg

Reference: 5-mezza

The Santa Margherita by La Focacceria Fiordiponti is handmade with excellent ingredients: delicate thin hand-stretched dough that encompasses a very soft layer of fresh stracchino cheese. The subtlety of the dough and the creaminess of the stracchino make this product unique. Those who have tried it can't go without it. 

Also available in the format 60x40 - 5pz 8,2kg


Product that is 90% cooked and reduced to -30° to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics. Packaged in cartons of 5 full or half trays.

Cooking instructions

Cook the product in a static oven at 250° for about 3/4 minutes. It is important to constantly check the cooking status. Brush with olive oil.

Storage instructions

Store the product in a negative cold room at -18° for a maximum of 180 days.


00 Flour, Stracchino, Oil, Salt, Milk

Nutritional Value
  • En (kcal/KJ) 182,4 / 763,5
  • Protein (g) 3,6
  • Fat (g) 10,2
  • Of which fatty acids (g) 1,7
  • Carbohydrates (g) 19,1
  • Of which sugars (g) 0,7
  • Salt (g) 0,7
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TypeHalf tray

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